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Bad boy Mogul and Nicki Minaj “manager,” Diddy,  decided to address the lyrical shot that was thrown at him by former Bad Boy protégé Lil’ Kim.

In an interview with BBC Host Tim Westwood, Diddy says that he was “surprised” that Lil Kim would take him working with Nicki Minaj so hard.

“I mean I was surprised that she took me working with another artist as a diss,” Diddy said. “I think that she has a problem with Nicki but I think that it’s a little unfair and [unmerited] because they’re not even doing or talking the same things.”

Diddy also talked about the validity of Lil’ Kim’s complaint:

“I know she feels that Nicki is lifting her style and not paying homage, but I know for a fact that Nicki has paid respect to Kim,” Diddy continued.

“I think she is just going through what a lot of the vets who changed the game go through. You have younger cats come in the game who you inspired change it up and she got offended by that, instead of looking at it like she inspired her. At the end of the day everyone just needs to stay in the lane that way there won’t be any misunderstandings.”

Listen to the audio below: