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Lupe Fiasco can’t win for losing. After engaging fans, and haters, on Twitter, and dealing with some heavy vitriol in the process, it seems that the Chicago rapper may have called it quits on the social media platform.

As Billboard reports, it all started when the lyrics he shared to a collab with Big K.R.I.T., “Lost Generation,” got taken way out of context.

And while many of his fans joined in, reciting the lines along with him, a number of others took offense to the track’s lyrical content — at least as it was, taken out of context, one line at a time.

In particular, the line “F*ck Martin Luther King, ni**a, f*ck change” stirred a negative response that, in turn, sparked Fiasco to respond with exhausted frustration:

From there, Lupe went on an extended rant, noting that too many people just don’t listen and fending off those who say all this rhetoric is just to promote his new album; Tetsuo & Youth, which is out January 20.

Check out how it all went down in the following pages.

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