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Ja Rule has some beef brewing, not with any fellow emcees; but District Attorneys all over.

In an interview with, Rule states that he feels that Lil’ Wayne’s one year prison stint was an  “injustic”’ and that people should have saw that they were targeting rappers.

Ja Rule, who is also facing a gun charge and a 4 year stint after being arrested on the same night in 2007, states that he feels that District Attorneys are targeting the wrong guys when it comes to the slew of rappers that have been placed in the bing.

“I was a little disappointed [about Lil Wayne taking a plea deal],” Ja rule said. “I feel like it was an injustice done and I felt that he and I both are innocent. As businessmen we both had to make decisions, he made one and I made one, and now we have to suffer the consequences.”

In addition to talking about his upcoming trial, Ja Rule also discussed his charitable organization, The Life Foundation, and his mission for working with at risk youth.

“With the Life Foundation, we take kids off of the streets, the same kids that society tries to throw away and show them a better way of life,” Ja Rule continued. “The same ones that they say ain’t going to be nothing; we shine them up and make them want to be productive in the community.”

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