HHW: When you both caught the rape charge…

Haitian Jack: Well it was never a rape case, it was a sexual assault [case]. The thing is Pac did nothing to that girl, neither did I and neither did anyone else. That was something were she felt Pac didn’t have any respect for her and didn’t treat her like a lady but how can you expect respect when you just gave him head in front of 312 people at Nell’s [Nightclub]. She was asking for something she lost the moment she met him.

You got Suge following Pac and Pac following Suge and neither one of them pulled the other one aside and said “We shouldn’t be doing this.”—Haitian Jack

HHW: So that’s when things started to sour between you and Pac correct?

Haitian Jack: It soured because his attorneys were putting sh-t in his ears. Everything about the case is public knowledge; pull it up! Then you’ll see what role I played and what role his lawyers played and you’ll see I had no role in anything.

The only good thing that happened out of that case is that there were guns in the [hotel] room and the room was not registered in my name because I came to see him at the hotel. That’s how my lawyers severed my case from his because they were being charged with guns and I wasn’t. If there weren’t guns in that room I ‘d probably still be in jail; because unlike Pac and his partner, I had a criminal record with felonies on them. So they would have given me a whole lot of time. So that kind of saved me. Like I told you before, New York City doesn’t like people who shoot at cops. I don’t care if you shot them in Canada, they don’t play that. So when they get you they will try their best to finish you off.

HHW: So it wasn’t so much that he was a high profile entertainer…

Haitian Jack: He shot a cop in Atlanta and he beat the case. They weren’t happy about that and I told him about that when he caught the bullsh-t case. The mayor [Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani] was calling the judge to make sure that they got him. A lot of very high profile people were calling in to make sure he didn’t get away.

HHW: Is that when your communication with Tupac stopped?

Haitian Jack: No it didn’t stop right there, once he got shot [at Quad Recording Studios] that’s when it stopped.

HHW: Speaking of the infamous Quad Studios shooting, why do you think the streets always thought you had a hand in that?

Haitian Jack: I couldn’t tell you right now, I don’t want to give you too much but it will all come out later. But whenever it comes to Pac it feels like I’m blamed. But I know who’s behind it and we’ll get into that one-day. But the person that’s behind it is serving life right now. Let me tell you man, whenever you go out of your way to get someone killed, put in jail and slander their character, all those things end up coming back to you; especially a person who has nothing against you or has done nothing to you.

HHW: In terms of Suge’s current situation, do you think Pac fell into the same trap of the money, fame and gangster posturing?

Haitian Jack: Yeah it’s the same thing. You had two followers and no leader. You got Suge following Pac and Pac following Suge and neither one of them pulled the other one aside and said “We shouldn’t be doing this.” Both of them added wood to the fire. They both liked the bullsh-t and when both of you like the bullsh-t both of you going to end up in some sh-t.

HHW: Did you have a relationship with Suge; were you known to him?

Haitian Jack: We spoke one time. I was hanging with Michael Concepcion in the West Coast. He told Mike he wanted to get at me but I never got back to him. One day out there I was standing next to one of his partners and he put Suge on the phone. He was like, “My man wants to holler at you.” I was like, “Who’s your man?” He said, “Sweetwater.” I got on the phone and Suge was like, “Yo Jack I heard you out here, we’re going to get up.”

I passed his man the phone. I never got with Suge or his man again. Number one I didn’t appreciate him putting me on the phone [like that]. And I didn’t know him as Sweetwater back then, I do now. I never wanted anything to do with him. To me he has a real evil soul, you know what I mean?

HHW: Given Suge Knight has as many lives as a cat when it comes to avoiding prison; a new theory is that he is somehow linked to the government.

Haitian Jack: [Laughs] Well you know it’s funny man. They all want to claim that I’m linked to the government, but they all linked to the government. I have no links to the government. If I had a link to the government I’d be in America, I wouldn’t be here.

HHW: So it is true you have been deported?

Haitian Jack: Yeah, there’s no games about that. They deported me. I call it getting away. I have been deported, that’s what the government classifies it as but I see it a different way. I see it as me getting away from the federal government because I’m no longer in their jurisdiction. So they no longer can hit me with that elbow; because they wanted to give me life on the back of my shirt. But that wasn’t going to happen.


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