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An earlier version of this story credited Madonna’s son David as being the instigator to her infamous Instagram post. It was in fact her biological son Rocco. Hip-Hop Wired regrets this error.

Madonna has had nearly the amount of foot-in-mouth moments as she’s had platinum heats. One of the more sensational ones came in January 2014 when she audaciously referenced her adopted Black son as the n-word, stirring up a firestorm across the Internet.

The 56-year-old pop icon has a new album to promote in Rebel Heart, and aside from relishing in her past sexual trysts with Tupac Shakur, she addressed the aforementioned debacle with the Huffington Post last week.

She tells them her decision to apologize came only after ““when I see that there’s a huge fire that’s about to blaze through the center of the universe and I have to put the fire out — especially if it comes to my children,” and nothing more. Especially not a critic.

“Oh, they can kiss my a**,” she says in reference to critics who point out her Black Culture appropiation. “I’m not appropriating anything,” she claims. “I’m inspired and I’m referencing other cultures. That is my right as an artist. They said Elvis Presley stole African-American culture. That’s our job as artists, to turn the world upside down and make everyone feel bewildered and have to rethink everything.”

Madonna’s thirteenth studio album features contributions from Kanye West, Diplo and there is even rumored to be a Drake collaboration down the line.

Read her extensive interview over at the HuffPo now.