Ja Rule

photo: WENN

Not that J. Lo’s white, but she did get a lot of criticism back in the day when she said the word on her “I’m Real” track with Ja Rule. Ja spoke out about it, explaining why she gets a pass.

“It’s kind of an unwritten thing that Spanish and Puerto Ricans and n*ggas—We’re all kinda in the same family. So, it’s like why can’t she say ‘n*gga’? All my Spanish n*ggas I know say ‘n*gga.’ I never looked at them in any way and said ‘Yo, watch that.’ I think they were upset because they don’t see her as Jenny from the block, Jenny from The Bronx. They see her as this global icon. Matter of fact, some people probably see her as white. So, it’s just one of those things. And I think that’s why people were really upset. Because they don’t understand the dialogue that is used in our hoods. They don’t understand. That’s how Puerto Ricans, Spanish people speak. That’s how black people speak. And we are allowed to speak that way amongst each other…It’s different when somebody outside of your group says it. Then it becomes ‘Okay, well why are you saying [it]? Are you saying it because you think it’s cool?’ Just by not knowing makes it a problem.”

Do you give out any passes?

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