Schoolboy Q admitted that he encourages the white people at his concerts to rap the word.

“I’m not saying white people should just walk around like, “Aww my n*gga.” But white people come to my shows, they’re the reason I can wear these nice clothes. They’re the reason my daughter’s straight. So yea, you can say n*gga in my concert. It’s not meant in that way, we’re in here having fun, we’re chilling. As much as people have abused the word and where it really comes from, that sh*t can also bring people together. At my shows, black people see the white people be scared to say n*gga, then I tell them to say it. Then they’re all in the crowd together and I get in the crowd with them, and I’m a n*gga. I usually let people know it’s cool to say before my last two songs, and it makes my last two records electrifying. I see it. Everybody’s excited, they’re happy, like, This n*gga’s a down to earth n*gga. That’s TDE: f*ck your ethnicity. We’re not black, we’re not white, we’re not Asian. We’re just people here listening to music. You can say n*gga in front of me, I don’t care.”

Photo: WENN

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