Remember V-Nasty and The White Girl Mob? Probably not. But anyway, they thought it was okay to use the n-word and Fat Joe defended them. *Side eye*

“Unfortunately, the word started as a racist thing many, many, many, many, many years ago. We don’t view as that no more…How can we tell everybody ‘Hip Hop is for everybody?’ How can we really tell everybody, ‘If you white, Hip Hop is for you? If you Chinese, Hip Hop’s for you? If you f*ckin’ Arab, Hip Hop’s for you?’ We say ‘n*gga’ all day. They think that’s what’s cool. So, if they like, ‘Yo, what’s up my n*gga?’ Oh, sh*t. You a racist. You know they didn’t really mean it racist. You know [V-Nasty] ain’t tellin’ her ‘Yo, what’s up my n*gga’ racist. She’s sayin’, ‘What’s up my n*gga!'”

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