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It’s 2015 and yes, we’re still talking about the N-word. That’s because people can’t get it through their heads that not everyone can say it. The rules seem to be pretty simple for most— Black people can say it if they choose to, white people can’t.

However, some still insist on using the word, like Madonna who referred to her son as such or Lindsay Lohan who thought it was okay to sneak it in a tweet.

Trinidad James has been getting a lot of heat for the word lately after a video came out showing the SAE fraternity house mother rapping the N-word along to his hit song, “All Gold Everything.” Trinidad said he wasn’t phased by the video, and actually gave her a pass for using the word.

Hit the flip and check out 10 other celebs who thought it was cool to give the N-Word pass.

Photo: CNN

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