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Plot twist. The guy accused of beating down a gay couple at  Dallas BBQ in New York City is said to be gay, but that’s only a small section of the bigger picture.

The brawl started as a verbal exchange, and was reportedly escalated by racist remarks, not homophobia. It all went down in the city’s Chelsea neighborhood on Cinco De Mayo.

Jonathon Snipes, 32, and boyfriend Ethan York-Adams, 25, were beaten with chairs, and kicked by the suspected gay basher, and another man. However, one of the alleged victims, called  alleged attacker a “n*gger.”

Reports G-List:

What most of us noticed, thanks to the headlines by Mashable, GailyGrind and every other gay blogger reporting on this, is the tall Black man striking a smaller white gay male on his head with a wooden chair Mortal Kombat “FINISH HIM” style.  I eat at that Dallas BBQ restaurant occasionally with friends and attest that those chairs are heavy.  In fact, I am surprised that the attacked was alive and maintained consciousness after his misfortune.

On Wednesday (May 6) afternoon, I noticed how more than a dozen of my Facebook connections, all Black gay men, posted the Mashable link, and they, along with their friends, jumped on the narrative that the Mashable blogger conveyed that the chair attack was a homophobic hate crime and that the white gay receiver of that knockout was the victim.  I chose not to comment on or share the article because I was skeptical on how that attack happened inside the restaurant where the only physical contact over alleged homophobic slurs came from the hands of the alleged Black homophobic aggressor.

You mean to tell me that two Black men hurled homophobic insults at two white gay men – singling them out – in a restaurant full of queer people, and they savagely beat the two white gay men after insulting them without provocation?

I read the Mashable blog post and noticed that the narrative was a purposely misguided news story to incite readers of mostly the headline to cry out homophobia for a helpless white gay guy.   Only a “friend” of the knocked out white guy mentioned that the situation was homophobic on Twitter.  When that Twitter user, a white male, was contacted by a white Mashable blogger, he admitted that he did not dine at Dallas BBQ when the fight took place.  The white brawling “victims” did not claim hate crime; though, one gave a statement about being called a “f*ggot” for bumping into the alleged Black homophobes’ table and knocking their drinks without an apology.

The above story, titled “Gay Hate Crime Or White Gay Privileged Media Manipulation On NYC’s Chair Throwing Fight?”says that Snipes was holding his own in the fight.

Snipes and Adams say they were kicked, punched, and hit over the head with a wooden chair. “These guys attacked us specifically because they knew we weren’t their type of people,” said Snipes. “It was disgusting. It was awful.”

Footage of the melee has since been removed from social media, and made private on YouTube.

The NYPD is investigating the attack as a hate crime.

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