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Rachel Dolezal has been already been exposed as a fake, a phony and a stan but it appears the NAACP President still has a hard time letting go of her adopted Blackness.

The embattled civil rights activist has been catching flak online since late Thursday evening when it was determined she had been masquerading as Black woman for many years. Her parents spoke to the local news and busted her bubble and now all that’s needed is her to embrace the truth.

Dolezal boldly accepted an interview with Sky News after the accusations went viral but perceivably had a hard time honing in on simple yes or no questions.

“What would you say to those who are questioning your ethnicity?” the reporter asked Dolezal to which she replied, “those who are questioning or just reading the article?”

Come again, Rach? After a lot of talking in circles, the moment of truth was faced (after the term African-American was shot down) she stated, “I would definitely say yes, I do consider myself to be Black.”

The national survey says, that is a lie. Her parents, Ruthanne and Lawrence, have repeatedly stated that their Rachel is indeed white Mayor David Condon and City Council President Ben Stuckart released a joint statement investigation had been launched.

Watch Rachel Dolezal dig herself deeper in the hole.

Photo: Sky News Video Screenshot

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