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Bill Cosby hasn’t said much after New York magazine dropped the hammer on his legacy thanks to a cover story that featured the stories of 35 of the 49 women who have accused the comedian of sexual assault. However, he did hire a lawyer named Monique Pressley, who happens to be a Black woman, to cop mad pleas for her client. 

Pressley was interviewed by the Huffington Post and summarily defended Cosby. Her angle is that the Quaalude slinging comedian is not receiving due process with a healthy dose of victim blaming.

“I’m not speculating, I’m not thinking, I’m not opining… What I’m saying is women have responsibility. We have responsibility for our bodies, we have responsibility for our decisions, we have responsibilities for the ways we conduct ourselves… I’m not talking about these women, I’m saying all women have responsibility… If a woman is violated by a man, and does not report, for whatever reason… in a court of law, the entire situation will never be brought forward for purposes of justice.”


Watch the full interview, which features Pressley presenting every excuse you could think of to discredit he accusations against Cosby, below. Be warned, it won’t make you like defense attorneys very much, no shots.

Photo: Huff Post