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Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly has been considered one of 2015’s strongest releases, packed with several records that go entirely against today’s climate in some regard. However, one of the album’s standout tracks, “Alright,” has inspired a Philadelphia website to create the “Be Alright” college scholarship program.

Earlier this year, as noted by Pigeon and Planes, which reported on this latest development as well, a New Jersey high school teacher added Lamar’s lyrics to his teaching curriculum. Now in the City of Brotherly Love, website OOEWOOGEE offered the “Be Alright” scholar on August 20, which will award students at High Tech High School in N0rth Bergen, N.J. with $1,500 towards tuition and books.

More from the site’s director, Wilkine Brutus:

We were quite inspired by Brian Mooney, an English teacher who used To Pimp a Butterfly album lyrics with his freshman English students at High Tech High School in North Bergen, N.J. Mooney’s unique lesson plan prompted Kendrick Lamar to visit the school shortly after his brilliant performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam—a Hip Hop concert OogeeWoogee covered.

Kendrick Lamar’s visit sparked the idea for us to create an annual “Be Alright” College Scholarship, named after Kendrick Lamar’s song, “Alright.” To our understanding, it’s the first known scholarship named after a Hip Hop song. Harvard University created a fellowship in Nas’s name, so it’s only fitting that we extend that positive love to Mr. Lamar.

The song has become a universal rallying cry for social justice in the U.S. It also embodies the recent undercurrent of sociopolitical messages coming out of mainstream Hip Hop.

To be clear, the “Be Alright” Scholarship was not created by Kendrick Lamar and his management team. Once again, it was inspired by his song “Alright.”

OogeeWoogee is giving High Tech High School students an opportunity to win a $1500 college scholarship that will go toward books or tuition. The winner will also have the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia, have their work screened at our brand new in-house multimedia studio and have it published on our website and spread throughout our social media platforms.

Learn more about the Kendrick Lamar-inspired “Be Alright” scholarship by following this link.

Check out the trailer for the scholarship below.

“Be Alright” College Scholarship (August 2015) on Oogeewoogee.

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