It seems Virgil Abloh can see the handwriting on the wall when it comes to his reputation with people of color. He is giving back to the community by empowering the next generation of visionaries.


Pardon the pun but Future is providing for our future. The Atlanta rapper is set to support several students trying to advance their education.


The rapper partnered with VH1 and the United Negro College Fund to keep his sister's memory alive.


  DJ Clark Kent is paying his blessings forward. He is offering students opportunities to pursue their passions in the arts.


Beyoncé And Jay-Z continue to put on for the people. They will be helping worthy students seek higher education via their current tour.


Stormzy is no stranger to opening his wallet to the less fortunate, and now he’s done so once again via a new scholarship program he’s started. The London-born Grime rapper helped two Black teens with their entry into the hallowed halls of Cambridge University.


Nicki Minaj may have hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in recent days, overshadowing her good deed of giving out college scholarships to some of her biggest fans. As part of her “Student of the Game” college scholarship program, the Queens superstar handed out 37 awards last Friday (June 29).

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Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp A Butterfly has been considered one of 2015’s strongest releases, packed with several records that go entirely against today’s climate in some regard. However, one of the album’s standout tracks, “Alright,” has inspired a Philadelphia website to create the “Be Alright” college scholarship program.

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Every April 1st, high school students as well as undergraduate students entering college for the first time, can begin their application for Jay Z’s Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarship.

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The debate continues over whether or not Justin Combs should be granted a $54,000 scholarship from UCLA, given the fact that his father–Sean “Diddy” Combs– is worth millions. Bill O’Reilly shared his thoughts on the issue, first praising the younger Combs for doing well enough in school to earn a free ride, then blasting his father for […]