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The recent suspension of the Old Dominion University Sigma Nu fraternity in Virginia over questionable signage the frat house displayed sparked a broader discussion about campus culture on Fox News. However, the hosts of the program took things into a weird direction with one of the co-hosts suggesting she’s keeping her daughter in the kitchen to prevent college rape.

The discussion took place on Fox News’ Outnumbered program and the ODU story led the discussion. While all of the hosts seemingly blasted line-stepping and suggestive signs the Sigma Nu frat members left outside of the house aimed towards female students, it was Harris Faulkner, the show’s lone Black host, that turned heads with her suggestions for her daughters.

From Raw Story:

According to co-host Kennedy Montgomery, the signs were “a backlash that these guys are feeling about being told that they are predators. And oftentimes, you see the pendulum swing the opposite way.”

“I hope they are focusing on keeping the women safe,” Faulkner said.

“My daughters are going to a convent,” Montgomery volunteered.

“I’m going to keep them home in the kitchen,” Faulkner agreed.

Watch the Fox News Outnumbered clip below.

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