Apparently not everyone can deal with the fact that Black people aren’t being treated with equal respect these days and show their true colors when confronted with the truth.

During Talib Kweli’s performance on the Ithaca Commons last night (September 3), a white female member of the audience had the gall to throw her shoes at the Brooklyn MC as he tied in a moving message to a favored Black Star song, “K.O.S (Determination).”

“We live in times when people try to separate the art from the struggle. They try to separate the Hip-Hop from the people; they think they can enjoy the hip-hop but not have to deal with what the creators of the Hip-Hop have to deal with,” Kweli said, according to The Ithaca Voice. “You can’t separate the art from the struggle. You can never do that. Because we live in a society that tells us that Black people can be murdered in the streets by the police; we live in a society that tells us that black people’s lives don’t matter … So, do you know what we say? We say Black lives matter, too. We say that Black lives matter, also. We say Black lives matter also.” ”

It was then, the unidentified woman threw her shoes on stage and was then jeered and booted from the show at Kweli’s behest.

“It’s about showing solidarity … Bye Miley Cyrus, peace. Everybody say, ‘Bye Miley!,’ Kweli yelled as the crowd chanted in unison. Then, Kweli proceeded to expose the woman for the lowlife that she is.

“And take your booty ass shoes, Miley! See, someone like that is a f**king coward. … That’s a coward right there; that’s a coward right there. Anybody whose (inaudible) when people of color or any group of people stands up for themselves if you’re threatened by that you’re a coward. I know a lot of white brothers and sisters who stand in solidarity for what the f**k I am saying.”

Talib Kweli has been representing the Hip-Hop community well with the Black Lives Matter movement, most notably, airing out Don Lemon on live TV for his foolishness.

Flip through the pages below to see his Twitter recap of the most recent incident.

Photo: Instagram / Talib Kweli

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