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Kevin Gates just landed an incredible opportunity to get his I Don’t Get Tired energy drink into more bloodstreams thanks to the services of Candyman Vending. The popular operator is known to take on products most big name companies are leery of (Krayzie Bone’s weed munchy machine for example) and the I Don’t Get Tired energy drink is a popular addition to their repertoire.

Via Vending Times:

Candyman Vending Services is now distributing rapper Kevin Gates’ IDGT energy drink, named after the rapper’s hit song “I Dont Get Tired.” The vending company is also selling the drinks through its own machines in the Houston- and Austin-areas. As a side business, Candyman’s Andre Bramwell partners with big-name hip hop artists to promote their brands by plastering their faces on vending machines and ATMs. He’s done work with Riff Raff and Krayzie Bone.

Andre Bramwell, who runs Houston’s Candyman Vending Services, said he is off to a fast start in just a matter of months, working with high-profile hip hop artists Riff Raff and Krayzie Bone, among others.

“My vending network allows the artists to get their own customized vending machine and ATM to be placed in businesses — where they get a commission and promote their brand — or in their own home, to use on tour, or whatever they may like,” Bramwell told VT.

Bramwell began his business in 2010 with a few gumball machines and quickly moved into full-line vending. He added ATMs to the mix this year and operates two routes in the Houston and Austin areas.

“The main reason I came up with this idea is because the market in Houston is very saturated and everyone is always fighting over locations, so I wanted to maximize my business potential and think outside the box to make vending profitable in a different way,” the operator told VT.

Candyman Vending operates all of its rapper-branded machines in the Houston/Austin market. “Each artist will offer different options,” explained Bramwell. “Some will offer advertising to their fans, either on the sides of the machines or by a small LCD screen on the snack machines. The artists get money from this, as do the business owners.”

The machines are also available for sale to other vending operators, businesses and fans, giving the artists additional avenues for publicity and income.

Gates is currently on a spiritual health kick in accordance with his debut album, Ishlah, so it’s not totally clear if he still stands by the I Don’t Get Tired energy drink, but we’re confident he won’t turn down the new paychecks.

Take a look at what he’s been up to in the gallery below.

Photo: Instagram/Kevin Gates

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