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Too Short is speaking out on his recent arrest in Boise, Idaho.

As previously reported Short, real name Todd Shaw, was taken into custody after authorities told news outlets that a fight broke out when he attempted to bring underage girls to his dressing room after a performance.

He was charged with battery but released after posting bail along with his associate Michael T. Walton.

Now the Oakland rapper is speaking out on the controversial allegations against him and denouncing them as “untrue” and “exaggerated” in a statement to XXL that reads,

“The accusations against me regarding my arrest in Idaho on July 15th, were untrue and exaggerated. Normally I would ignore rumors, but because of the nature of the story that’s being spread I had to say something. I don’t blame these outlets for running with the story because it’s about Too Short the “dirty rapper” who has never had a scandal and it involved the words “under age girls”. However due to my work with young people in Oakland I am extremely outraged at the way I am being portrayed. The incident that night was completely taken out of context and I have not and never will take advantage of any woman that is underage. Never that!”

Short also asks that his fans not believe everything they read or hear and remains dedicated to various youth organizations.