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It’s been a while before we’ve reported on something crazy happening in Florida, but that’s all been taken care of thanks to Eleanore Stern. While inside a DMV and arguing with clerks, Stern was approached by a police officer who she kicked in the crotch before a scuffle and her arrest.

Stern, 31, was inside the facility arguing with examiners on Thursday (Dec. 10) when a Florida Highway Patrol officer walked over to escort her out. It a downhill struggle from that point as she proceeded to kick the cop in the family jewels and was taken down while screaming at the top of her lungs.

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The incident was caught on video and shows Stern kicking the officer before he throws her down on the floor.

According to an FHP representative, Stern argued with examiners at the DMV and they requested that the trooper remove her from the building.

Stern faces one count of resisting arrest without violence.

The cell phone video was recorded by Victoria Nascimento and posted onto Facebook.

On the video, Stern can be heard telling the FHP officer that he can’t fight and violently resists his efforts to subdue her. Although she put up a game struggle, the officer was able to get Stern out of the building. Stern yelled at the officer that she wasn’t going to jail and then pleaded with the officer to let her go with the promise that she wouldn’t make a scene. A little late for all that, don’t you think?

A little late for all that, don’t you think?

Photo: Facebook/Screen Cap