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Yasiin Bey has some explaining to do. The artist formerly known as the Mighty Mos Def was arrested in South Africa for traveling with a fake passport and has been asked to leave the country, permanently, in two weeks.

The Brooklyn rapper called Capetown, South Africa home for a number of years. However, it seems that his visitor’s visa is a wrap.

Reports the New York Daily News:

Hip-hop artist Yasiin Bey, formerly known by his stage name Mos Def, was arrested Thursday at South Africa’s Cape Town International Airport for traveling with “fraudulent” documents — and has just two weeks to hightail it out of the country, according to local media.

The rapper and activist, who had been living in South Africa since 2013, attempted to leave the country with what he called a “world passport,” a document the republic doesn’t recognize, Department of Home Affairs Spokesman Mayihlome Tshwete tweeted Friday.

Bey had entered the country with a valid U.S. passport but “overstayed” his visitor’s permit, the spokesman added.

Apparently, Bey and his family have two weeks to get out of town.

“Mr Smith has been living in SA with his family without the necessary permits, he was detained upon departure for using illegal travel docs,” Tshwete wrote. “SAPS (South African Police Service) has charged him with usage of fraudulent travel documents.”

“The matter is currently before the courts,” he continued. “The Department Of Home Affairs has given Mr Smith and his family 14 days to leave the republic.”

“The courts will give direction” on what jail time Bey could face if he doesn’t leave, Tshwete told the Daily News on Twitter.

Reportedly Bey will seek bail Friday afternoon.

South Africa ain’t got love for Yasiin Bey? Hopefully this can all be worked out—we gotta hear both sides.


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