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An officer in Missouri has been placed on administrative leave without pay for appearing in a rap video holding a “Cops Live Matter” sign. St. Joseph officer, Zackary Craft, claims he wasn’t aware of the context of the video, “This Bomb Blows Up (Racism Goes Both Way) from an aspiring struggle rapper who goes by J. Smitty.


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To get his super important message across, Smitty rocks a “sh*t stain” beard with all black clothing, sunglasses, and a hat. The black-and-white video leans on the typical “Black-on-Black” crime rebuttal argument, with mentions of Black people being at fault for run-ins with police.  Slavery comes up too: “You were born in the ’80s like me so what the f*ck are you mad about?” Smitty says. Also, some old guy hold signs reading, “80’s Babies Screaming Slavery. GTFOH.”

Besides Craft, Smitty and various other White people appeare in his silly production holding random signs which include, “F*ck Al Sharpton” “F*ck Jesse Jackson” and “I Can’t Take A Sh*t Without Somebody Getting Offended.”

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The only thing worse than the lyrics, is Smitty’s actual delivery. He goes on to make a lot of typically idiotic points, like alluding to the NAACP, which was started by Black and White people in 1909, being a racially exclusive organization. Towards the end of this train wreck, he burns a photo of President Obama, among others.

Craft said through his lawyer that he was “appalled” to see the video’s final cut, the New York Daily News reports. He filmed the piece “without knowing the words, content, or context.”

The St. Joseph’s Police Department, which is nearly 300 miles away from Ferguson, Mo. where an unarmed Mike Brown was gunned down by officer Darren Wilson, says that it does not “condone the video.”

Smity adjusted the video to blur out Craft’s face. If you feel like wasting some time, watch the full video below.

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