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If there’s one thing we already know about DJ Khaled it’s that he preached high-self esteem and self-encouragement, long before Snapchat was even invented. The social networking app has given him a larger platform to spread his “keys to success,” and in an interview with Nightline, the 40 year old broke down his Snapchat reign.

Appearing on the late night news magazine last Thursday (Feb. 18), Khaled maintained that his Snapchat persona is 100 percent authentic. “It’s definitely not an act and I want the world to know, I’m super serious, and this is just DJ Khaled.”

For the ill-informed, Khaled also explained the “they” constantly referenced in his morsels of inspiration. “‘They’ is basically the hater, the enemy,” he said. “I don’t entertain ‘they.’”

With hit records already under his belt, and a successful restaurant, Snapchat fame pushed Khaled to a new level, and now he has movie deals, TV shows, and endorsements in the works. “With more success, you got everybody coming.”

As the son of Palestinian immigrants, Khaled, who is Muslim, also spoke about the misperceptions surrounding Islam; and the call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. spearheaded by Donald Trump.

“When people say that that’s just ignorant,” said the New Orleans-born Khaled.“I promote love and peace. That’s all I’m about.”

Watch his full interview below.

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