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Serena Williams, beyond one of the world’s most elite athletes, also possesses a backside that is the stuff of legend. The world’s top women’s tennis player took a break from filming a commercial and posted a public twerk session via Snapchat with those powerful cakes working overtime.

Williams was in Florida during the commercial taping, decked out some form-fitting athletic wear. Obviously in a playful mood, Williams let it all hang out with the film crew joining in on the fun, but it was clear that she was the star of the show.

As reported by The Daily Mail:

Dressed in a pleasingly form-fitting pair of leggings, the experienced bun-shaker said: ‘Twerking is a very popular dance right now. Here’s how you twerk.

‘First, engage those glutes. Then squeeze those quads… squeeze the glutes, engage the quads, take a wide stance and slowly slide down.

‘Slowly relax, and twerk and five, and four, three more.’

The hilarity simply continued to build as she decided to began a second set, as her friend Wally emerged on the scene.

Serena roped him into the jocularity, but he soon began complaining about the strain, yelping, ‘oh my back. I can’t do it.’

She then went cheek to cheek with an older gentleman, who seemed to have no trouble keeping up with the 21-time grand slam singles champion.

Naturally, the twerk session started to draw in a crowd but that didn’t stop Williams from having her own personal turn-up session and had everyone who walked by joining in on the twerking.

Check out Serena Williams flexing and twerking in the clip below.

Photo: screen cap