Black Thought Is Down For A Revolution (2006)

On “My Favorite Mutiny” Black Thought hops on a track with perhaps the only rapper more slept on than he, Boots Riley of The Coup. Anyone that has ever heard a an album from The Coup knows there is no room for fun and games, and Black Thought does not play around here:

The game camouflaged like army suits

But I can see it more clear cause I came with the Coup in here

Ring the alarm and form the troops

Send ’em out into the world, go to war in a fluke

Eye to eye with the enemy you sworn to shoot

Now I’m comin’ at ya neck, sick of hearing something wrong with me

Motherfucker something’s wrong with you

With a Chief just way too smart to question

The enemy the brothers of a dark complexion

The governments of the world is shark infested

They heavy on weaponry like Charlton Heston

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