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Willie D of the Geto Boys has never been known for holding his tongue and he proves it on his new, scathing track “Coon” where he calls out a gang of Black pundits for their opinions on police brutality.

On the new song, his first single in four years, Willie D goes in on CNN anchor Don Lemon, NBA commentator Charles Barkley and ESPN sports pundit Stephen A. Smith and ABC’s The View panelist Raven Symone. The three gentlemen catch Willie’s wrath over their commentary on police brutality and the shooting down of unarmed Black men, specifically Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Raven-Symoné and Stacey Dash catch hell because well, they are Raven-Symoné and Stacy Dash.

According to the gospel of Willie D, a “coon” is anyone who willingly takes money to get on TV and talk down on their people.

Here are some highlights.

On Stephen A. Smith:

“Stephen A. Smith what’s up with that hairline/Big mouth louder than four Alpines

Got a chip on his shoulder ’cause his ball game sucks/And you got to work with players that your wife wanna f*ck”

On Raven Symone:

“I’m a savage running through a field of mutts/Raven Symone, shut your chickenhead dumb*ass up

White folks don’t love ya’, Black folks don’t trust ya’/When you was on that show, Bill Cosby must have drugged ya'”

On Don Lemon:

“Aw hell, CNN is on, check out this little b*tch named Don Lemon/Getting stuck in the butt, got your *ass corrupted

You can smell weed but can’t smell injustice”


“Selling your people out while the police murder them/I wish them protestors would have shot you in Ferguson”

But Willie D save his harshest words for Stacey Dash. He actually wishes death her too when he says:

I wish that would have been Stacey Dash on the ground, instead of Michael Brown but with additional rounds

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Willie D promises that there is more where that came from.

He tells them, “I kept some people off that list. I got a hit list, I’ve got some more of ’em I need to get at. Couldn’t talk about ’em all on one song. Coming out with “Coon II.” “Coon III,” “Coon IV,” “Coon V.” I’m never letting ’em slide any more. Just don’t end up on this list, because I’m going in.”

Will you be listening?