Recording “Break ‘Em Off Something” with UGK

Master P: Me and UGK had been working on a lot of music together. With that record, I had made the hook for the record in the projects in the bathroom on a 4-track recorder. Then when Pimp came down with the beat, I came out with the “hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler!” It was crazy after that. Being able to walk in to the projects and sing that song was crazy. When Pimp came with the beat, the magic just came with that record.

Mo B. Dick: I actually co-produced that track. I’ll never forget, it was November 17, it was a a rainy day. P was living in Houston. I already had a relationship with UGK via Critical Condition. The first song I collaborated with UGK was on “Playas From The South” on the Down South Hustlers compilation.

P was on his way to Houston from New Orleans and every once in a while I would ride with him to Houston. On this road trip we said we should work with UGK again. So he dropped me off in Port Arthur, Texas [where UGK is from and records]. Pimp C already had the track with the drums, organ and baseline. He said, “Mo, you trying to get on this?” When I heard that beat, I thought it was jammin’ like a mug. So I started playing with the Fender Rhodes [piano], and made a sound like some crystals. Then I added that whistle, that “ooooooh woooo oooooh woooo” part over the beat. From that point on, Pimp C was hooked on that sound. He started using it in his production. That’s how that happened. So when P came back to pick me up and record his verse, heard the beat, he put that mean mug on we call it that “boot in his mouth” or some people like to call it that ugly face. He got in there and went “hustler, baller, gangsta, cap peeler!” He pretty much freestlyed the whole verse and he wound up saying “don’t make me break you off something” at the end and that became the hook. Pimp went in and did his thing, then Bun did his thing and it was a wrap.

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