A$ap Ferg HHW

HHW: You mentioned that no two of your songs sound the same. Which is true. How much thought goes into that? At times, it sounds like you’re trying not to bore yourself.

Ferg: I think that’s just my style. It was a problem for me growing up. Even with fashion. I was wearing the throwbacks and baggy jeans, but then I wanted to wear slim jeans and wild haircuts. I used to struggle with wanting to do that all of the time. But then I just started dressing how I felt. So now I do that with my music too, I do what I feel. When I wake up everyday, I dress how I feel.  I am a curator and an artist. I’m naturally going to go off how I feel. Same thing when I do with fashion and art, I do with music. I was looking at a documentary with Andre 3000 in it. He came out wearing cornrows, then he came out wearing a turban, then he came out with wigs. He was always expressing how he felt. And you can’t tell me that Andre 3000 is not one of the best to ever do it, he always surprised us. [Outkast’s] “Bombs Over Baghdad,” “Hey Ya,” he kept evolving. That’s what I want to do, keep evolving. Anyone who is a pioneer gets laughed at and ridiculed at first, but people learn to love and respect it because you’re bringing something to the table. The guys that’s doing everything that everybody doing, they probably won’t be here next year. I’m going to be here forever.

HHW: Which one would you say is the center of your creativity? Art, fashion or music. Which one of those sparks the next?

Ferg: I don’t think there is no differentiating it. With clothing, it’s harder to create because of the money it takes to create the garments, as opposed to a rap, which you can create in your mind or with a computer over a beat, it’s easier to do. But I feel like it’s all the same to me. But the special thing about music is that it is easier to come up with ideas, flows, lyrics about my life because it’s true and I just put it on a bomb beat. I can do that way faster than I could buy a canvas and paint or go design clothes then go find a way to mass produce it. But with music, you can make one song and send it around the world. I love the music because I get to project my art faster.

HHW: You have a lot of features on this album. Some may say that features are good, others think that they can be a crutch or fishing for a hit. Why did you go this route?

Ferg: I didn’t do that on purpose. I really wanted to have less features. But God just kept blessing me. I was in Los Angeles working and people just kept coming in and out. Plus, the features that I have aren’t overpowering. It ain’t like you’re hearing a feature heavy album, it’s really about me, it doesn’t go off topic at all. It all goes with the storyline of my life. When you see that me and Chris Brown have a song together, it’s because I met him when I was making my belts and selling clothes before I was rapping. So that goes with the storyline too. We have a skit talking about that. It’s not that I’m trying to make a hit, I was just fortunate to work with my friends on this album.


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