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Details are starting emerge about what exactly happened during last night’s shooting at a T.I. concert that left one man dead, and they are all bad. The man killed was Ronald McPhatter aka B$B Banga, who multiple sources say was rapper Troy Ave’s bodyguard. 

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Troy Ave himself was shot in the leg during last night’s fracas. Reportedly, the gunshots rang out backstage after a fight in the green room.

The gunfire occurred while Brooklyn rapper’s Maino and Uncle Murda were performing on stage, just before headliner T.I. was scheduled to go on. According to the New York Daily News, the shooting was a manifestation of a beef between Maino and Troy Ave.

Joey Bada$$’s Pro Era crew has been beefing with Troy Ave’s BSB clique for a while, but things got especially heated when the latter slandered the suicide of Capital Steez. Maino said he tried to step in to resolve the beef, but that both sides weren’t having it, but stated they would keep it on record.

HOWEVER, let’s be careful on the finger point since one life too many has already been lost.

NYPD Commissioner Bratton, who promptly blamed rap music for the violence instead of say…the shooter…says police are close to making an arrest.

Our condolences go out to Ronald McPhatter’s family and we sincerely wish Troy Ave and all the victims a speedy recovery.

This unfortunate incident is a black eye for Hip-Hop, across the world.

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