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As details emerge about the chaos during the Troy Ave shooting incident at a T.I. concert inside Irving Plaza, the latest is woman who is reportedly Maino‘s girlfriend getting hit in the leg.

Maggie Carrie Heckstall was one of the shooting victims on the tragic night where three people, including Troy Ave were injured and one man, Ave’s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, died. It has also been revealed that she is the girlfriend of rapper supposed Troy Ave rival and assumed target of the shooting Maino. Maino himself has denied any involvement in the shooting.

Heckstall tells the New York Daily News that she was in the VIP room about to make a Snapchat before the shots went off and that it felt like her leg was “dangling” after she was shot and trying to get away.

Heckstall also to NYDN about how the NYPD has been treating her as she recovers from her wounds.


Heckstall says she can’t help them — she heard the commotion, then felt the bullet, without seeing the shooter.

“I was too far away to see any of that,” Heckstall — who danced under the name “Barbie” and also is an aspiring R&B singer — recalled from her bed at Bellevue Hospital.

That hasn’t stopped cops from leaning on her — hard, she says — for details, and keeping an eye on her visitors.

“Anytime anyone would walk to my door, they had six officers out here, staring into my room,” she said.

“I’m a girl. I’ve never been shot. I’ve never been hospitalized. I’ve never had surgery.

“I cooperated with the officers. I don’t know if they wanted me to tell them more, but I don’t know what happened. Shots went off. Lights went off. I just tried to get out the room.”

The bullet is still in her leg — too close to vital nerves to be removed — but that hasn’t stopped ballistics-hungry cops from repeatedly asking about it, said her lawyer, Emel McDowell, who is readying a lawsuit against the NYPD and Irving Plaza.

“These people are heartless,” Heckstall said of investigators.

“The interrogation started in the ambulance. The detective was in the trauma unit the whole time, while they’re cutting my clothes off and everything.”

Heckstall also posted this message on her Instagram page.

Troy Ave has been arrested and charged with attempted murder for his role in the shooting. He is currently awaiting his court date. Click over to see some photos of Heckstall who works as a model.

Photo: Instagram


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