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Want to relive perhaps one of the funniest moments that Hip-Hop and the internet ever gave us. Joe Budden is selling merch featuring a silhouette of his track star form.

In case you’re not in on the joke yet, let us explain. Joe Budden has been releasing diss records on Drake in recent weeks. A couple of weeks ago a group of stupid Drake fans thought it would be funny to go to Joe Budden’s New Jersey home and taunt him. But, unbeknownst to them, Budden has always been a little stir crazy and he proceed to chase them down in the street like Terminator 2.

Of course the internet had fun with the image and now Budden is joining in on it and hoping to make a couple of dollars in the process.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the official Running Budden Meme line of t-shirts and hats.

budden meme merch

The merch is available at Budden’s website and each item can be yours for $30 each. The hats come in navy, khaki and white. The t-shirts come in black and white, each with the option to have the Running Budden figure chest print size or full front print size.

Continue reading to see the options.

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