Young Buck is going back to prison. Today (Aug. 10), the G-Unit rapper was hit with a seven month sentence for violating the terms of his parole, multiple times. 

The Tennessee rapper’s accumulated violations is like a list of how not to remain a free man.

Reports Nashville Scene:

Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, was sentenced to seven months in prison today for violating the conditions of his supervised release and probation, according to an announcement from David Rivera, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee. The sentence comes while domestic assault and vandalism charges stemming from his arrest last month are still pending.

Per the U.S. Attorney’s office, Brown violated the conditions of his release in that case as well as another from years earlier. After serving time for firearms charges, he began a three year term of supervised release in November 2013, the conditions of which he violated by using marijuana and providing a false urine sample.

This year, following an incident where he allegedly threatened the fiancee of the mother of one of his three children, he was brought court and ordered to comply with the conditions of his release “including not violating any law while pending a final hearing on that violation.” No such luck.

Buck was arrested last month after threatening to burn down the apartment of his ex-girlfriend. At that time, Buck was ordered to keep away from his ex, as a condition of his parole.

However, Buck reportedly attempted to contact her more than 100 times.


She’s not going to take your calls from the bing, Buck. The rapper took to Instagram to ask fans for their support (see on the flip.

Photo: Nashville PD

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