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An ex-cop and proud “patriot” named Jim Stachowiak has posted a video with his “solution” to deal with Black Lives Matter.

In a 7-plus minute video full of hate and ignorance, Stachowiak can be seen holding an assault rifle spewing belligerently about how Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. He’s also wearing a “F*ck Black Lives Matter” t-shirt to drive his point home.

Any other time some d*mb rant about BLM could be laughed at, but here, Stachowiak is talking very reckless. Not only does he assume that every looter from Ferguson to Baltimore to Milwaukee is a BLM supporter, but worst, he suggest they all be shot down.

In the video he says:

“I don’t care if they’re women and children, anyone coming out of a store should be shot on site. They should be shot exiting the store. If they make it down the street, take their asses out and shoot them in the back.”

He’s even gone through the trouble of writing “BLM” on a bullet with a marker.

Youtube should really have this video taken down. This isn’t freedom of speech, this is hate speech.

Continue reading to watch for yourself. Feel free to report the video to Youtube and demand it be taken down as well.

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