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Malachi Love-Robinson, the Florida teen who was arrested earlier this year on charges of posing as a doctor, was arrested Monday (Aug. 29) on what appears to be outstanding warrants. The former “Dr. Love” is facing new charges of larceny and fraud after being jailed for a few hours and later posting bond.

According to a report from the Palm Beach Post, Love-Robinson was in court Monday where his attorney was requesting to be removed from the case. Love-Robinson was in the 15th Judicial Court of Florida in West Palm Beach where Circuit Judge Krista Marx granted defense attorney Leonard Feuer’s request to no longer represent Love-Robinson in the matter. The 19-year-old doctor impersonator was taken into custody just after Feuer’s withdrawal.

From the Palm Beach Post:

Court records regarding the new charges weren’t immediately available Monday, but stem from incidents that occurred before investigators raided Love-Robinson’s West Palm Beach holistic medicine practice in February and charged him with practicing medicine without a license.

A month later, he was arrested again after prosecutors claim he fraudulently used elderly patient Anita Morrison’s checking account to make nearly $35,000 in car and credit card payments. Before Monday he faced 10 charges in all, including forgery and grand theft from a person 65 years or older.

The new charges had nothing to do with Feuer’s request to step down from the case, the attorney said after Monday’s hearing.

Feuer, who had agreed to represent Love-Robinson free of charge and earlier this month revealed plans to explore an insanity defense, said he needed to get off the case due to an ethical issue that he couldn’t disclose.

Love-Robinson could not afford a personal attorney for his case so Judge Marx appointed a public defender for him. The Post reports this is the third attorney to represent Love-Robinson since his initial arrest. Love-Robinson was offered a plea deal that would have given him three years in prison. He is slated to go to trial for fraud and theft this November.

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office