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Jason Whitlock, a notable commentator for Fox Sports, has been aiming darts at Colin Kaepernick‘s anti-National Anthem movement lately but took things a step further during a Friday broadcast. Whitlock seemingly suggested that police brutality is nothing more than a controversial buzz word, and had the nerve to say it’s impossible to be shot and killed by the cops.

Whitlock, who has a penchant for the ludicrous statement here and there, was on his show with Colin Cowherd, Speak For Yourself, and launched into an angle that really has to be heard and seen to believe. Whitlock, a Black man, literally had the nerve to not only say Kaepernick’s protest is a “fad” but also saying in real time that police brutality is a “hot take.”

While that statement alone was enough to cause every in America to turn in unison, he then said that the odds of getting killed by the police in the country is similar to being struck by lightning. By bringing up the amount of murders in Chicago and using that as a countering argument that it isn’t being discussed, Whitlock doubled down with his tap-dance and top hat routine.

“Getting killed by a cop is very hard,” said Whitlock. “And if you don’t run from them, it’s damn near impossible.”

He actually said that.

Perhaps Whitlock strictly hangs out in Fox Sports studios and media rooms because people of all ilk, and most especially Chicago natives, are definitely talking about the senseless killings there. While Whitlock might foolishly think police brutality might be an illusion, it’s apparent this guy wouldn’t know a hot take from a hole in his back from a cop.

If you must watch Jason Whitlock in action, peep the clip below.

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