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Mary J. Blige let down legions of fans and a gang of Black folks when she proved how woke she wasn’t during a promo clip for her new talk show The 411 featuring an interview with Hillary Clinton. Apple Music has made the entire interview available for streaming, with the R&B veteran discussing police brutality and other pressing matters with the Democratic Party presidential hopeful.

As we reported earlier this week, the interview took a weird turn when Blige took the respectability politics route in addressing the rampant disparity of police shootings and people of color. There was also a song about how to be polite and respectable to officers in order to not catch a hot one. The response to Blige’s weird moment was robust in our comments section and we’re still trying to process what we saw.

To see the full interview with Mary J. Blige and Hillary Clinton, check out the clip below. A lot gets covered beyond that one grating moment so it’s definitely worth a watch.

Photo: screen cap