5. He Is A More Prolific Actor

Much of Tupac’s legacy is credited to the “what if” factor. That’s not his fault. But still, even if we are talking about contributions to film, LL trumps him there too. Hell, technically, we were all introduced to LL as an actor before we even knew him as a rapper. He made his first national appearance by playing himself in Krush Groove before he released his first album. People like to credit Ice Cube and Ice-T as being the rappers who broke down the barrier for rappers to enter Hollywood, but let’s not act like LL hasn’t been doing his thing for just as long. Ice-T appeared in the Breakin’ and Rappin’ movies in the early 80s, but his big break came in New Jack City in 1991. Fun fact, LL Cool J made his movie debut in a comedy called The Hard Way that year too. Actually, both of the movies came out on the same day. Since then, we’ve seen LL do similar work to T portraying everything from a cop to a drug dealer as well as a football player and regular working man. The guy has range. On top of all of that, he’s become one of the more prolific film and music awards show hosts over the years.

That said, it’s about time that LL stop being asked to present legends with awards and be given one himself.

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