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A protest against the Black Lives Matter movement Monday (Oct. 31) at Southeastern Oklahoma State University turned violent when white protestors decided to cut the fool. One anti-BLM protestor at the event actually had the audacity to accuse the Black people of having STDs among other negative quips.

Local outlet KXII-TV reports:

Students said a small group of people led by one man started making racist comments about black people, saying anyone who supports Black Lives Matter is racist, and telling them one in three black people has an STD, and they were going to Hell.

“They knew what they were doing as soon as they got there and there was nothing we could have done,” Ralontae Whorley said.

Student Sarah Schuller shared what the group was sharing as its message. “They were saying that we were going to go to Hell or some other type of damnation of that sort,” she said.

Charles Jackson recounted one of the group’s attacks on black students. “He was saying one out of three of us (black people) have STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases),” Jackson said. “He was counting 1, 2, 3 STD.”

According to KXII, a football player at the school attempted to take one of the signs away from one of the protestors, which led to the pushing and shoving between students and the protest group. Officials at the school say that the group applied for a permit to preach and didn’t know the message behind their mission.

Freedom of speech is one thing. Hurling insults and using harmful language because of someone’s race is entirely another thing. Sadly, those people will most likely use this as fuel for their next ill-advised protest.

Photo: KXII