Kanye West will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital while conspiracy theorist debate whether or not he is pulling the jig. Sources say Yeezy may have faked his mental breakdown to avoid paying some hefty bills. 

As previously reported, West abruptly canceled his Saint Pablo Tour, basically saying “f*ck it” to the remaining 21 dates. All tickets are getting refunded, so that’s a very big bag someone has to pay for.

However, word is that West’s insurance covers mental breakdowns, so he wouldn’t have to come out of pocket. There lies the swindle, allegedly.

Reports Page Six:

People in the music industry are speculating that Kanye West was put on a psychiatric hold to recoup insurance money for the millions he would lose by backing out of his “Saint Pablo” Tour.

“He had just canceled for no reason, no injury, no force majeure, so they were going to lose a bunch of money,” said a music insider. “Kanye is crazy, but not crazy enough to not get his insurance money. [He] knows what he is doing.”

According to TMZ, West’ predicament is way worse than just exhaustion. So much so that he will be staying in the hospital instead of going home to spend Thanksgiving with family.

Still, there are other reports, like from Entertainment Tonight, that say West is well on the road to recovery.

Will we ever know what happened? Is this next Yeezy album fittin’ to be a classic? So many questions.