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A group of angry, White Christmas shoppers are threatening to boycott Mall Of America in Minnesota because they chose to hire a Black Santa Clause this year.

Mall Of America made headlines, and some personal history, when they decided to hire their first ever Black Santa Claus this year. Apparently, some shoppers and local felt that the “America” in the building’s name was only supposed to represent a certain segment of the country.

After just four days of Black Santa listening to kids’ Christmas lists, some parents and other fools have had enough. They voiced their displeasure with the Black Santa in the comments section of a Minneapolis Star-Tribune article.


At first, the comments just sounded dumb, but then they got nasty. So bad that the comments section was eventually closed.



The crazy part about all of this is that Black Santa was only going to be at the mall for four days, that’s less than a week. These people were so blinded by their ignorance that they couldn’t even see past that and simply decide to be quiet and just come on another day. What’s equally crazier is that many of them based their logic in comparing the race of a fictional character to the race of actual people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Muhammad Ali.

Merry Christmas.

H/t: Bossip

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