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2016 is calling everyone to glory. The latest influential person to transition is Mr. Robert Leo Hulseman, the creator of the Red Solo Cup.

Reports say that Mr. Hulseman passed away last Wednesday, Dec. 21. Hulseman’s father created the Solo Cup Company and he started working for him when he turned 18. Solo was known for making cone-shaped cups and business was doing good.

But then Hulseman changed the game when he invented the company’s most recognizable product, the Red Solo Cup.

Hulseman’s creation featured a unique design that allowed users to measure their drinks by using lines indicating between one and 18 ounces. Nobody really used this measuring system. Most people simply poured until someone said “aight, aight, aight.” This mark was usually between the third and fourth line.

This marvelous invention would go on to be the central piece of every Homecoming, birthday, picnic and spades game to come after it. The Solo Red Cup has probably appeared in more of your family photos than actual family members.

The Red Solo Cup has also caused mass confusion at mass gatherings. People have been known to leave these cups sitting on tables, kitchen counters and television stands, opening the door for others to pick up drinks that did not belong to them. The Red Solo Cup has earned cool points for many of lames who had the smarts to bring an extra pack of them to a party just in case.

Husleman died peacefully surrounded by family. You may not have known Hulseman personally, but he has been in your home and tasted your liquor. Honor this man and pour one out for him today.