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Snoop Dogg got hired to DJ at the NHL’s All-Star Skills Competition. He obviously did not bring his radio-ready stash.

Snoop Dogg was center ice at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the opening of the NHL All-Star Skills Competition. The only connection we can see between Snoop Dogg and hockey is him rocking hockey jerseys in his old videos. But someone at the NHL figured it would be a cool idea to have him be a part of the festivities since they were in L.A. Plus, Snoop is a crossover, “family friendly” figure now right?

Well, the NHL got exactly what they paid for when the man who made the word “biotch” famous let an uncensored song rip for the sold out crowd and the millions of viewers watching at home on NBC.

Snoop chose to open the ceremonies with Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” A song known for its instantly recognizable opening that samples David McCallum’s “The Edge.” But it is also known for Snoop and Kurupt’s very explicit introduction that goes:


It’s the motherf*ckin D-O-double-G


You know I’m mobbin with the D.R.E.


You know who’s back up in this Motherf*cker!

What what what what?

So blaze the weed up then!

Blaze it up, blaze it up!

Just blaze that sh*t up n*gga, yeah, ‘sup Snoop??

Snoop seemed to catch on to his error and immediately went looking for the next song to play. The arena announcer seemed to catch on to as he started the player introductions right when Snoop’s verse was set to start. Interestingly, Snoop’s next selection was DMX’s “Party Up” which has even more explicit language in it.

After fans laughed and complained about the music, Snoop Dogg apologized, or did he really?

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