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Drake has seen enough Trumpism going on in the world, so now he’s joining the “F*ck Trump” choir too.

In fan captured video from the London stop of his Boy Meets World tour, Drizzy can be heard addressing the racism and xenophobia spreading across the world and he blames much of it on “one man” that he never calls out by name, but you know exactly who he’s talking about.

Per Drake:

“For some reason in my room, they got the TV set to CNN. Everyday I wake up, I see all of this bulls-t going on in the world. People trying to tear us apart. People trying to make us turn against each other.

So tonight, my proudest moment isn’t selling tickets or having people sing my songs. My proudest moment, if you take a look around this room, you’ll see people from all races, and all places. And all we did is come inside this building to show love, celebrate more life, and more music. And I just want you to understand that if you ever thought for a second any one man is gonna tear this world apart, you’re out of your mind. It’s on us to keep this sh-t together. F*ck that man.”

The Canadian rapper isn’t known for making socio-political statements in his music so the rant does come as a bit of a surprise. But, as we all can see, stranger things are indeed happening and just about everybody has something to say about it. It also seems that Drake is taking the Jay Z route and not bothering to call out Trump by name to prevent fueling his already toxic ego.

Check out the video below.