Jidenna‘s debut album The Chief is out today.

Ever since he came on the scene with his 2015 hit “Classic Man,” Jidenna has shown that he can enter various lanes with his music. He gave you bars with “Long Live The Chief,” knowledge with “Knickers,” doo-wop with “Bambi,” and made you dance with his most recent single “The Let Out.”

With his debut album The Chief, Nigerian-American artist shows more of his range as an artist relying on storytelling and scene painting to get his points cross. However, he does venture into trap and club territory with own unique spins. Especially on tracks like “Trampoline” where he insists that every woman that knows how to bounce their ass like a trampoline is not a tramp. Another song to look out for here is “White Ni**as” where he flips racism backwards.

Many ears may lazily compare him to Drake or even Ty Dolla $ign at first listen, but unlike Drizzy, Jidenna uses most of his time talking to his listeners rather than just talking about himself.  He also does a better job at applying world music elements into his sound. Jidenna also treats listeners as he challenges himself to rap over a wide range of production instead of relying on one sound.

Listen to The Chief for yourself below.

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