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The video for Jidenna‘s new single has him running down the street in a three-piece suit trying to get “his” girl back.


Jidenna‘s debut album The Chief is out today.

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Jidenna just released the video for the latest single from his debut album The Chief.

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Jidenna the “Classic Man” is finally dropping his debut album The Chief.

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On Friday (July 1), Snoop Dogg will deliver his 14th studio album Coolaid, from which he’s already released a Jeremih-assisted song called “Point Seen Money Gone” and “Kush Ups,” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

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Jidenna is out here proving he’s much more than just a dandily dressed R&B singer. Janelle Monae’s marquee artist drops a video for “Knickers,” a song full of social commentary, on the not so low.

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With a Grammy nomination to show for “Classic Man,” Wondaland Records’ Jidenna returns with a pair of new tracks for your listening pleasure.

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The Game was amongst of a handful of celebrities who couldn’t decide on one Halloween costume this year–so he actually dressed up as all the ideas that passed through his head.

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There is a war going on in Hip-Hop production paradise and DJ Mustard has inserted himself in the center of it.


Jidenna may be a “classic man” but he’s not immune to criticism. The burgeoning rapper recently conducted an interview with VLADTV when the conversation trailed off to his parent’s homeland of Nigeria. When the 30-year-old Wondaland recording artist recalled returning for his father’s funeral, he painted the village as seedy battleground for kidnapping and other […]

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Jidenna’s “Classic Man” is one of the top songs of the summer of 2015. So it only made sense that Kendrick Lamar hopped on the official remix, which now gets its own proper video.

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Jidenna’s “Classic Man” is a song of the summer contender with plenty of spins and a placement in a Beats By Dre commercial. Now Kendrick Lamar jumps on the track by adding a couple of verses to the burner.