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The video for Jidenna‘s new single has him running down the street in a three-piece suit trying to get “his” girl back.

If you haven’t treated yourself to listening to Jidenna’s debut album The Chief, here’s a good entry point. “Bambi” is one of the standout tracks on the album where he meshes doo-wop and 808s to create a jamming ass lullaby. If you’re familiar with West African culture, you could say that it has hints of “high life” which is a popular genre in Ghana.

In the song, Jidenna struggles with knowing that how he was raised has an effect on his relationship with women. Especially with lines like:

Oh Bambi I won’t lie

If I weren’t in this spider web of mine

If grandfather never had seven wives

Then darling you would be love of my life

Oh Bambi it’s my design

To run the jungle I must be a lion

Or be a cheetah but neither is fine

Don’t wanna hurt my dear love of my life

As for the video, the “Classic Man” unravels as he drinks straight liquor and tries to interrupt his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Shoutout to “Lawrence from Insecure” making a cameo. Also, shoutout to the the not-so-subtle product placements in video. We see you Martell and Fiat.

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