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Obamacare, that scary and looming beast the Republican Party has tried for seven years to best, is now under process for repeal. The GOP’s new plan, which is known as the American Health Care Act, didn’t exactly spark a series of celebrations and instead was the target of a number of memes after the plan was unveiled.

The announcement of the American Health Care Act came Monday via House Speaker Paul Ryan, which explains the aims of the bill. Two portions of Obamacare will remain, which is coverage for young adults on a parent’s plan until 26, and preexisting conditions will not bar coverage. However, the new act would defund Planned Parenthood which has been a Republican Party rallying point against abortions although federal monies aren’t used for that procedure.

The nuts of bolts of the new act, which is growing to become known as Trumpcare, is being criticized by Democrat Party opponents who claim the bill will upend the insurance privileges for millions of Americans. Further, the bill seems to be a reactionary move for President Donald Trump to keep to campaign promises although the rash nature of things makes the GOP look like it is scrambling for relevance.

The memes that have popped up in the wake of the Trumpcare announcement have been comic gold while others hammer home the possible new reality, and we’ve collected some of our faves for viewing below.

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