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Jordan Peele’s conscious horror film Get Out has grossed more than $100 million at the box office.

After three weeks in theaters Get Out is still gaining momentum. The movie has now entered nine-digit territory raking in $111.1 million off of a $4.5 million budget.

In its third week of release, Get Out earned another $21.1 million and was the third most popular film in theaters behind Logan and Kong: Skull Island.

The sleeper hit resonated with Black audiences as it played on the myth that “white people do crazy sh*t.” In an interview with The Verge, Peele revealed that he didn’t initially set out to make a race film, but it ended up that way.

“I wanted to make a horror movie, and I first zoned in on this idea that I wanted to make a movie about the social fear and anxiety we all have about being the outsider in any group,” he said. “Very quickly I realized this could be a racial movie. So race wasn’t the initial spark, but I realized it could [be a focal point], and that was where my instinct was coming from.

He continued, “As we got into the initial years of the Obama administration, it became more clear than ever to me that race was a conversation people were increasingly uncomfortable having,” he continued. “There was this ‘post-racial’ lie going on. So this movie, the purpose of it became to represent the black experience, but also just [represent] race in the horror-movie genre and in the public conversation, in a way that I felt was taboo.”

Peele says that he will continue making movies about “social demons.” He may have created his own horror genre.

If you haven’t seen Get Out yet, stop tripping. If you’ve already seen it, go again and bring a friend.

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