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The Migos were asked another gay question this week, and they dropped the ball again.

The Migos have been getting haunted with gay questions ever since they did everything but praise former collaborator ILOVEMAKKONEN for coming out as gay earlier this year. First, there was the original Rolling Stone interview where they chided Makkonen for coming out as a trapper and then coming out as gay. Then they issued a statement apologizing for what they said. After that, de facto leader Quavo insisted that he can’t be homophobic because he has a song with Frank Ocean.

Now, even after appearing on Ellen, the Migos still find themselves in gay controversy. This time it’s thanks to a airport interview with TMZ. The trio started off great handling all of the unnecessary Makkonen questions by simply saying “we make great music, that’s it.” They even encouraged people to live their lives and be themselves. But when they were asked if they would be open to performing at gay clubs, Migo #2 aka Offset uttered “nah” and backed it up saying, “salute to everybody that chose their route, I just ain’t gonna do that.”

Quavo and Takeoff tried to clean it up immediately by insisting that all money is green and they will perform for whoever is paying the most. That statement is sure to open up yet another can of worms in itself.

Perhaps the Migos should consider saying “no comment” the next time they are asked about anything having to do with the gay community. Because it doens’t look like they will ever have the “right” answer, even if they aren’t wrong for what they believe in.