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Cam’Ron hopped on Instagram Live to share his truths about a former friend again. This time is was Ma$e.

While Cam was out doing some luxury shopping and sipping champagne, he began having conversations with his fans and family. What started out as a conversation about how he hates people who ask him for money soon turned into him sharing why he feels Ma$e really retired and became a pastor. After sharing that he was going to start hitting people with “God bless you, Jesus is great” whenever they ask for money, he compared it to$ joining the clergy.

He says he felt Ma$e joined the church to keep people from harassing him [i.e. robbing] him for money. He went on to state that Mase was just 21 years old when he became a multi-millionaire and didn’t know how to handle it. He also said that Ma$e was seeking to escape the violence that was starting to surround him.

In the past, Ma$e said that he actually quit rap because he felt that he had a higher calling and that he did not like where he was leading people with his music.

Cam is no stranger to sharing his testimonies on Instagram Live. Earlier this year he had the internet going nuts when he responded to claims his other former friend Jim Jones made in a Funkmaster Flex interview.

Watch Cam speak on it below at around the five-minute mark.