The Atlanta police have arrested two men and one woman in connection to the fire that caused a key bridge on Interstate 85 to collapse.

Below is a photo of perhaps the most hated man in Atlanta right now.

Basil Eleby along with Sophia Bruner and Barry Thomas have been arrested in connection to the blaze that has caused Atlanta’s terrible traffic to get even worst. Police say that the trio was at scene of the fire and believe that Eleby is the one who started it. They are currently interrogating the three suspects. Eleby is being charged with first-degree criminal damage to property while the other two are being charged with criminal trespass.

Original reports stated that the fire had something to do with fiber optic piping that was being stored under the highway. The area where these pipes were stored is also frequented by homeless people looking for shelter.

Police have not released a statement saying how the fire was started or how they were led to Eleby and friends. WSB-TV is describing the suspects as “transient” which is another word for homeless.

The City of Atlanta has a reputation for trying to hide or get rid of homeless people more than actually trying to help them get off the street. It’s a perfect irony that the city’s homeless problem has essentially gridlocked the city.

Photo: Mugshots

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